table of contents

Three Heads has the Dragon

Part 1 – The Elder Races
Part 2 – Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

Genetics of Ice and Fire

Frozen Fire and the Genetic Significance of Blue Winter Roses
Catelyn’s contribution to Stark Inheritance (revised & updated, June 2017)
The Genetics of Ice and Fire (groundwork study)

Magic and the Supernatural

Warging and Skinchanging Unravelled
The Elements and Magic – Earth Magic
The Elements and Magic – Fire Magic
The Elements and Magic – Water Magic
The Making of a White Walker – a Model

Thoughts on Patchface

Patchface – The Fool with Many Voices
Patchface and the Mermaid’s Kiss Revisited
Patchface – A Carrier of Greyscale?

The Three Headed Dragon, ASOIAF
The Element of Earth in Magic
The Pearl Inheritance - the pearl of great price in a song of ice and fire
The power of a heart
Water magic in A Song of Ice and Fire
A garland of blue winter roses
Earth Magic in ASOIAF
Water magic and mind control
Genetics of Ice and Fire

The Pearl Inheritance

Part 1 – The Pearl of Great Price
Part 2 – The Fisher Queens of the Silver Sea

Background Stuff

Signs and Portents – What does the Spiral Motiv mean?
The Maiden, the Lion and the Weaver Girl
Examining Blue Winter Roses

Short Musings on various Themes

Hatching Dragons (very basic)
Ned as the Knight of the Laughing Tree (obsolete)
Red Crabs, Spiders and Conquerors (obsolete)
Ramsay’s Green Apple